Need to hire help for small task

I need help with a critical part of my app. It’s probably something that can be done fairly quickly, but I can’t find any specific documentation that shows me how to do it properly. Willing to pay for help and it probably shouldn’t take an experienced person more than an hour. Please let me know if you’d like to help me.

What I need:

I have a repeating group setup that works with drag and drop.

I need to be able to add different types of data to the repeating group. Text, image, custom area that has multiple editable fields, etc.

This is critical to my app and I just need someone to help me add in this option to add different data types to my repeating group and then drag and drop their order.

Please let me know if you’d like to help. Glad to pay a reasonable price. Thanks.

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Hi! Honestly, maybe you think it’s simple, but what I read, it doesn’t sound simple. Maybe you can post some screenshot of your actual setting/db to be sure we understand your request.

Hi @chrisauman11,

I can assist you into the same, please check your PM.


You can add different data by adding groups inside the RG and setting the data to that group to the required data. You should be able to drag/drop from there.

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