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Need to provide access to RFPs without paying an extra designer fee

Hi forums :smiley:


I was invoiced an extra designer (90$ a month, 1080$ a year) because I added an “employee” through my agency dashboard. The issue is, I didn’t want to add a designer, I wanted to give someone access to the RFP portals to respond to emails ( I don’t have time to do that ).

It doesn’t make any financial sense to charge me 1K per person who responds to emails and does not actually do any bubble development. On top of that, when you add an employee to your dashboard, it does not even warn you that you’re about to charge yourself 90$ - it just expects you to remember the TOS. I will have to resort to sharing one account, unfortunately.


Let us choose what kind of employee we want to add. Maybe I don’t want to add a designer, I just want to add an Assistant.