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Need to refresh for data to be displayed (Login/logout user)


Having a page where social media-like-posts are shown.

When user is logged out, post is visible but content not, while there is a button to log in…

When the log in (Member(s)) button is clicked and Current user is logged in, data still is not visible. (PS. Between logged out and logged in user, there is API Connector function for LinkedIn login).

If and when browser “refresh” button is clicked, and the page ‘refreshed’, post data is visible.

QUESTION: How to make better UX here? i.e. without refresh to data be shown, or anything - for data to be displayed as user log in? Thanks!

It’s impossible to know for sure what is causing this but this likely has to do with when groups/repeating groups are being shown relative to when the API call is made. There is a built in state for the RG for “is loading” set that to a custom state of a text box to use as a debug tool. There is something different happening before and after your refresh and you likely can figure out how to fix it based on seeing when the RG is loading and when it isn’t. This information will then likely tell you how to reorder things to get the desired UX.

It little bit hard to understand your point, the middle one in particular;

“There is a built in state for the RG for “is loading” set that to a custom state of a text box to use as a debug tool.”

I won’t display data (without the refresh) due to the repeating group where post lays, because the repeating group Data source is Search for posts…

I.e. Search is only triggered when as page is loading?

What I’m saying is to create a text box on the screen somewhere. The value of the text box is set to RG is loading. Then that will evaluate to a yes/no on the screen when the repeating group is loading

I think this might work, could you please share a screenshot how and where the value of the text box look like?

I understand the first part, having “hidden” text box, but than how to connect the text box and the rg? :smiley: Thanks!

No the text box isn’t hidden. The textbox is visible. This is purely for debugging purposes. Once you figure out what is going wrong and then you fix the workflows, then you delete the textbox.

I can’t share a screenshot. I’m not in front of my computer but the value of the textbox will be dynamic data and from the dropdown you chose the RG and then from the new dropdown options, you choose “is loading” or something similar. Going off of memory here

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I think I found a way, have created “extra” field for the posts to be saved (as created) to the profile (data).

Now RG is reading a Data source directly from the data, instead of doing the Search (for posts)…

It works for now, data is displayed right away, as user log in!

PS. Be careful of related privacy settings (if you have).

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