Need to search for a user twice before it actually selecting the user

I have a video below demonstrating my issue.
Expected Outcome: Show the user’s username on the first click instead of having to search it twice every single time.

Thank you!

Hi @Matt4499 :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum! Do you have any workflows set up on the searchbox? If not, could you share a link to the app editor?

(You can set temporarily set your app to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights and selecting “Everyone can edit” or “Everyone can view”. Then copy+paste the editor link in a new forum reply here)

Hey, I do not have any workflows set on the search box. Here is the link you asked with Everyone can view set(searchbox is in Popup B): [link removed]

Ok great! :slight_smile: Can you possibly create a development User account that has access to that page so I can test the popup as well?

I have not a single idea on how to to that.
i could make a copy of the app and transfer it to you?

No worries at all! :slight_smile: My apologies, I actually won’t be able to test with a development user account since the app is on “view only” and not “everyone can edit”.

In your popup video, you had signed up a few test user accounts in the live version of your app. If it’s easier, can you give me the username and password of the account you logged in as when viewing the Popup B element (Can PM me this if you prefer)!

okay will PM you information!

edit: solution was actually a glitch, setting the group to the user of the search box reset the search box, meaning I had to do it twice.

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