Need to show items with similar tags

I have a datatype called CLUB. Each club has a LIST OF TAGS. Now I want to show only clubs that have have similar tags.


  • Tag one
  • Tag four
  • Tag six


  • Tag one
  • Tag five
  • Tag seven


  • Tag eight
  • Tag nine
  • Tag eleven

From above info, you see that I need to show CLUB 1 and CLUB 2 because they have a common tag: Tag one

How would I go about this?


Do a search for Clubs

Add a constraint:

  • LIST OF TAGS contains tag one

This will return a list of clubs (Club 1 and Club 2 in this example.)

You see, the tag ordering can be different for other clubs. For example, Tag one can be number one in CLUB 1, Tag one can be number three in CLUB 2

That shouldn’t matter. All the constraint is doing is checking to see if the tag exists in that list of tags. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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