Need to show one specific row from the excel sheet via API connection

Hi All,

I’m working on an application that will allow users to check the status of their tickets and determine whether they are active or not. Each ticket has a distinct case id of its own. Tickets’ data is kept in an excel spreadsheet.

Following is the screenshot of the sample excel sheet:

I was able to import the data from the excel sheet after connecting the API with the bubble.
Following is the API connection:

Following is the output after the API connection:

At this point, I wanted to develop a system for unopened or unprocessed tickets ( as shown below) ,

Therefore, I want bubble to display the data for the first row on a new page when I click on the first case ID, “1.” (like the below screenshot, but I do not want the data for case ID “2” asin I don’t want the row 2 to be displayed).

Additionally, I want bubble to display the data for the second row on a different page if I want the summary/ description for case ID “2”.

I’d like to know if this is possible in bubble, please.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: !