Need to store text as right to left

i want to store text as right to left in my db. unfortunately it stores all the data as left to right by default.
for example it stores my data like this :

  1. בדיקה
  2. ניסוי
  3. לא להתייחס

when i want it to be like :

Screenshot (6)

any ideas how to fix it?
i tried to do text alignment from right to left but its only displaying the text in the multiline correct but stores it in the db uncorrect

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That should all that really matters as that is what your users will see

Shouldn’t make a difference as your users will not see the database

it matters because im using that data somewhere alse (creating pdf based on that data). is there a way to store the data as right to left?

Not that I know. Try formatting the pdf to be right to left