Need VERY Inexpensive App Building Help

Need help building app. The jist of it:

  1. People pay to download app and can view certain location of items people are selling.
  2. People with app can pay to post certain item for sale and enter their address and it shows up on map. This would have a beginning and end date.

I would want this to be for iPhone and android, etc…ready to go for people to download with purchase
Let me know, thanks in advance!

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Hi @ablott,

I can help. PM sent.


Hi Allison,
Would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

I could use some help for a very inexpensive sum too! Don’t have much but am stuck at a few things…

Hello Sir,

I am very happy to assist you.
I have already done this type of work in my previous application.
Sent you a PM. Please check.


If you could share where you are stuck, I could see how I could help.

By inexpensive, you mean how inexpensive?