Needing A CAD & MDT Built

Hi All,

I’m a server owner in need of a CAD/MDT to be built. I Am Willing To Pay For Someone To Build Me One! But payment will happen only once I’ve tested the system for myself.

I need a CAD/MDT to have the followings.

Civilian Database
Police Database
FireFighter Database
EMS Database
Government Database
DMV Database
Firearm database

(Please add additional requirements needed in each category, but I don’t want this CAD/MDT to be like others, as if this one is the same, I should just use someone else’s.) I’m happy to provide a detailed plan of what I am after once someone can take the job.

(I don’t have a time frame as I know this will be huge & will take time.) I’m happy to pay around $30 upwards depending on the results you show me. I’m using a cad system that is pre-made for the meantime.

If you have any additional questions, please reply to this post.

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You still need a system built?

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