Needing a cad/mdt for my roleplay community

i have a fivem community I am in need of a free CAD. Please add me on discord BlackSnake_09#9987

Hey @wtyler531, we’re Lunatic Solutions™
Are you looking for a FREE CAD/MDT System for your roleplay community? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer several feature-packed CAD/MDT Systems!

Overseer CAD/MDT -
FRONTEND: FREE - $2.00, $5.00, or $10.00 One-Time
BACKEND: $20 One-Time
RESELLER: $25 One-Time

Offers -
10 Departments
No Member Cap
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Divisions
Unlimited Districts
Unlimited Stations
Unlimited AOP’s
Unlimited Department Management
Unlimited Community Customization
Unlimited Code Customization
Unlimited Community Roster
Unlimited Laws
Included Custom Invite

We also offer several other PAID CAD/MDT Systems that are packed FULL of features and are frequently updated.

To receive your Free CAD/MDT System all you have to do is join our Discord server and make a ticket!


How to Use
Sign up to Overseer-Cad
Create a Ticket in Lunatic Solutions and your Community will be added to your account
Then you’re all set!

Hi! Here at Snake Designs, we offer free, Cheap and High-end CADS. Join our discord and make a ticket and we can work something out to suit you! :slight_smile:

Join here: We offer free CAD Systems suitable for all devices and what meets your needs check us and the cad out!