NEEED HELP! praying hands

I don’t have a significate number of financial resources to be able to accommodate anyone’s generosity if you decide to help! But I’m creating something that would be beneficial for churches across the world. I’ve reach certain task within the creation of the app that I’m unclear if it’s a backed end data issue or google maps extended. Basically, I’m trying to display all the registered churches on the app (within a 20-mile radius) on the extended map (once a current user search) plus display post(Created by registered churches) within the repeating group (within a 20-mile radius).

Hello @kay2delivery

I can help you with these integrations, let discuss more details!

Thank you for your reply and my apologies for the late response. I just wanted to get some of the features of the app to a certain point before I reach out to you.

Hey! my company may be able to help too. I have developed specifically some scripts that scrape google for churches in a certain geographical area, so I have some experience in this field, not just Bubble!

shoot me an email at or go to