Nested constraints in Do Search for

Hello Bubblers,

I’m experiencing a problem where I trying to apply nested constraints to a search, but the constraints seems to work upto a level and then won’t fetch any data.


I have 3 data sets.

Set 1 has references of Set 2
Set 2 has references of Set 1
Set 3 has reference of Set 2

I need Set 3 data to be displayed when I just have Set 1 as input

So I’m searching like below

Search for Set 3 where x = Set 2 reference where Set 2 = Set 1’ s reference.

Hope I have not complicated the question.

Thanks in advance

You can debug it and see the value from debugger.
[app url]/?debug_mode=true

Are you doing nested search, this is realy a bad idea even now with new pricing it will really increase you cost.

Can you elaborate you situation sir ?

My use case is I have to fetch data from a Data set based on a specific constraint. The section on my page where I’m fetching data does not have the exact reference of the constraint required in the target data.

I have a list of documents that has a reference to the company(another data type) but I’m trying to fetch the data based on the user(another data type).

I have to find the document based on the company name in the user data and then apply that company name to filter across the documents list to get the relevant data.

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