Nested Data types display

Hello dear Bubblers,

I’m trying to make an app for managing a library.
I have a DB with 2 types :

As you can see, I have the User owner of the Book in the “Livres” data type.

In my app, I created a group that returns a random Book of my collection.
I also created another group User to display information regarding the owner of the random Book.


Unfortunately, I’m not able to populate data inside my User group, here is the app :

I tried to set values in the User group with “Data source” but it did not work :

Can you help me displaying User information in the User group ?

Many thanks for your help,

Hi there,… if I understand your post correctly, I think the data source of the group that display’s the books owner should be Group randomItem's Livres's user. Also, you will need to make sure any privacy rules you have in place on the User data type don’t get in the way of displaying information about the book’s owner.

Hope this helps.


Hello @mikeloc ,

First, thank you for the very quick answer !
Second, thank you for the 2 tips ! I changed the owner’s group, and changed the privacy rules.
Indeed, privacy rules were preventing data from being displayed…

Everything works great now, thank you !
Best regards

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