Nested element in IBM API not visible 🛠


I’m using the IBM Bluemix API within an application I’m building ( It works fine, except for one field: consumption preferences. This item includes an sub-item with the same name that doesn’t become visible when selecting it as a data source, but is visible when making the initial call in my plugin environment. What is going on here?

When you need help for this like this you should post a link to a real app and say how to reproduce. Screenshots aren’t really enough here, it’s hard to help without the actual case.

This is an link to an example app: XXXXXXX

I’m trying to make something like: when you hit analyze.

As you can see the personality, consumer needs and values works fine.
The consumption preferences remain empty because it doesn’t show all the nested elements.

When modifying call types at the plugin page it does show the nested elements strange enough…

Hope this helps solving the issue.

Hi @thomas.schijf

I´m starting a project with IBM Graph database and will need to access it for CRUD operations from API.
By your previous experience with Bluemix and Bubble do you think both APIs can work for that purpose ?

Maybe this is of interest

Hi @lorencogonzaga unfortunately I do not have any experience with CRUD and IBM Graph.
However, all issues related to this topic are fixed by @emmanuel. The nested structure IBM uses a lot in its Bluemix API’s are now visible.

thanks @thomas.schijf