Nested Group Scrolling on overflow

Hey all, This might be a stupid question, but I’m stuck

I have two groups (blue and red here), each containing a repeating group, nested inside another group (yellow).
The two repeating groups will always have the same number of items, and be the same width.

When those groups get large, i want a horizontal scroll bar to appear for the YELLOW group, not red or blue.

I’ve tried a ton of stuff, changing the maximum width of different groups within the hierarchy, but the only time i can get a horizontal scroll bar, it’s for the repeating groups themselves (which means there’s two of them, which is NOT what i want), or the entire page stretches to fit the RGs (also not what I want), or it cuts off the RG content (not what I want).

Any thoughts?

If I get you correct, you want the scroll bar to be on the yellow group? unfortunately the scroll only works with repeating groups if I am right. Unless you want to display a list of the red and blue groups in a parent RG.