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Nested repeating group

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a way to refer something from nested repeating group?
Let’s say I have repeating group “Applications” and it has application details and one nested RG “Responses” so basically in nested RG, I’m showing responses that I get on the application request. Each response can have different “interaction type”. Design is like it shows one response on page load, to see second response, you have to click arrow.
Now I wanted to show that type in application details(outside the nested RG) as a Text. So like when i click that arrow, it can show me that current cell’s response interaction type.
Looking for ways to get data outside the nested RG.


I’m pretty sure you can. An element can access anything within a repeating group if it is also in the repeating group. So say if RepeatingGroup A has a text element called Text Interaction, and has RepeatingGroupB, and has Button Next. When Button Next is clicked show RepeatingGroup B :next item and then also set a state to RepeatingGroupB, Custom State: Current Interaction. Set Text Ineraction’s value to RepeatingGroup B, Current Interaction and it will update each time you hit the next button in a specific cell.

If RepeatingGroup B is a ‘Fixed Cell’ RG then you can access its page number and say Text Interaction’s value is RepeatingGroup B:item# RepeatingGroup B’s Page number’s Interaction.

Thanks so much for your help :blush: @williamtisdale

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