Nested repeating groups: Clicking in nested RG replicates the action on all parent RG Cells

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I am currently struggling with an issue.

I have a nested RG which list possible user roles within a parent RG for all users. The problem i am facing is that when selecting one of the options in the nested RG this selections replicates on all the cells. I would like to have the selection only to work in the cell i am working on but after trying several methods i can´t isolate the selection. Orchestra plugin does not work in this use case neither having a group of type number having as data source “current cell index”. I kindly ask for advice:

Hi! It’s interested how you use this selections and the process you apply selection to user. Can you share ling to editor just to take a look. I have one suggestion, but I need to know backend…

Now actually looks like you just show this group in RG, but not apply it to user


Below you can find the edit link (read only):

The nested repeating group is of type role however is inside a group of type user. The choices in the nested role RG are marked when the current cell´s role is the parent group user´s role (role is unique not a list of things).

But when changing the value of the role by choosing a different group, this change is replicated on all cell´s nested RG not on the one i am working on.

NOTE: I need to be able to show all the available roles (4 at the moment) so i can choose any other to change the user´s role, but by default only the current user´s role should be marked (i have a radiobutton mimic to have a better looking page).

Oh, yes, I was right. As of now you just show this RG with roles and all the selections in each cell of RG (that is why it’s attitude like now).

So lets go: first step u need to indicate current cell user role (which have to be in your database for this person) For that reason u should use step in between (by my opinion through the state)

Here in Preset status u should select dynamic value - and find out how to show this user selection.

And of course you should implement workflow for this check box to set selection for selected user.

For me difficult to explain how to do all this, but u can make a copy of this page, share editable link - I will try to realize it;)

Hi @malikinoleg2008 i am very thankful for you checking my app :slight_smile:
Actually there are two groups
Group L, for roles definition
Group M, for roles assignation to a user

You are reviewing Group L, but the problem is happening on Group M.

Group L is ok , i managed to reflect the roles permissions :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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Great! But still the same question - how you manage to assign a role to user without workflow? Through the state you might set the value to be changed - but as I can see - it does not work ( Check in inspector - on second row empty state where you are trying to place user. First one is ok -

May be you should try orchestra plugin - looks like your inner RG does not affected by outer one

@jdiazarmas just check it out - I repeated your target


Editor view only;)

Orchestra helps :dizzy:

I do not know how to thank you @malikinoleg2008 . this worked, thanks a lot!

One final question.

As you can see for some reason my choise is unstable. For some odd reason the icon reverts after few seconds, and once i reload the page it is a circle again.

I understand when the page is loaded all states are resetted but in your example the circle keeps as selected. I reviewed twice the configuration and it looks fine.

Could you please give one final look. I have even isolated my tests in a test page with the same strange result:

Thanks a lot again.

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Nevermind @malikinoleg2008 it was about privacy rules.

Thank you very much,

If you need any recommendation/review on any social network or anything just let me know

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Hi! Privacy rules is making me creasy some times - definitely I need to find out how to use it :sweat_smile:

Don’t hesitate to mark as “Solution” and thanks for good question;)

Done :wink:

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