Nested Repeating Groups with unknown depth

Hey, I’ve got an unusual problem.

I have an API that provides me with a Hierarchy of organizations.

Parent Organization
– Child Organization
– – Grand Child Organization
– – – Great Grand Child Organization
– Child Organization

The structure can be different every time, It can be 10 layers deep or empty.

What I need to achieve?
I need to create a tree visualizer for this hierarchy, my idea was to create a nested repeating group (repeating groups within repeating groups) but then I quickly realized I would have to create them manually which isn’t ideal if the hierarchy can be even 100 layers deep.

Is there a way to create repeating groups dynamically?
Or maybe an HTML/JS solution/custom plugin?

Thanks, appreciate any help!

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Nice - i would be also interested in this

Couldn’t find an answer anywhere online.
I will build this in JS & HTML and probably make it into some plugin.
Once I get something working I’ll try to post the code here

nice - i saw this request a lot in the forum the last years. so i think a plugin is a good choice

any news on this? :slight_smile:

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