Nested repeating groups x2


I have a parent, child, grand child relationship between 3 things:
Key result

I’m trying to display the records within nested repeating groups.

I have managed to display parent (objective) and child (key result) using a repeating group nested in a repeating group:

On click of chevron the child records (key results) are displayed:


The relationship between parent and child is 1 to many (an objective can have many key results, but key results are only related to 1 objective), and the same between child and grand child a key result can have many tasks but a task is only related to 1 key result).

Currently I have a repeating group with a group inside that holds the parent things records (objective). In the same repeating group, I have a collapseable group that holds a repeating group to display the child thing records (key results).

Is it possible to display the grandchild records (tasks) related to the child records (key results), in the same way I am displaying parent (objective) and child records (key results)?

Any assistance appreciated.


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