Nested Reuseables Performance

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Question regarding if deeply nested reusables affect performance.

I tried to search for information on this topic but I haven’t found much. Ive been learning code for more advanced features and realised how reuseable code can be. And was wondering if I could stop repeating the same things over and over in But I’m not sure how will handle it. I am wanting to break every reusable component/section into reuseable and use those with in reusables. Deeply nested reusables multiple layers deep. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Did this cause any issues in terms of performance?

Some examples, have a specific icon with certain effects as reuseable, text that can be clicked and copied as reuseable, workflows for basic calculations, and so on.

Would love any experience people have had with this. Otherwise ill try it myself and share any findings I find :slight_smile:

Cheers, haydn

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Hello @haydnhinks welcome back to the community!

Interesting. I do not see how performance can be affected by deep nesting reusables.

What may affect it could be a bloated dB model, non-performing searching / filtering, lack of privacy rules to speed-up data delivery, among other possible reasons.

Perhaps this read (paid) could prove worth your while:

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Hey Buddy

Sorry for the delayed reply. All over the place, I am haha
Thanks for the message. yeah I’ve checked out that book, overall good but I don’t think touched on nested reusables but ill check again.
In the bubble docs it does say it can significantly slow it down, but was curious if anyone actually ran into that issue

The apps that we build have nested reusable elements upto 2-3 levels deep.

Reusable 1 - All clients section
Reusable 2 - Reusable filter for the RG

Reusable 2 is inside Reusable 1 and so far we have not faced any performance issues. Although they are internal tools so concurrent users are low.

Bubble tutorials

Thanks for reply!
I current have like 2 level deep with similar like filter system as reuseable, just had a plan in mind to go more like 5 levels deep, ill see how it goes

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