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Nested RG loading time is INSANE SLOW - up to 1min... See Video >>>


im trying to visualize a 6 Level price table thing. I want open/collapse and buttons so I went for a nested RG setup. Now for only 2 Levels and 20 rows takes 3-4sec. at least…
When using a real Doc with say 6 levels (max.) and 4500 rows loading time is almost 1minute…!!!

some more comments:

  • using “list of things/parent” and not Do a Search
  • target loading is 2-3sec
  • pagination does not work I guess because of nested
  • for usability it should be rather max. extended when loading
  • all RG are Full list other it does not work I guess
  • I can’t load RG when scrolling or can I?
  • Do to nested most helpful plugins fail swell
  • Tables are not helpful because I need buttons/wfls in the cells

Only option I see is a 1 Level RG and storing data a bit different, but than I loose open/close buttons but could do paginated.

If you are DEV and can help feel free to PM me!!!