Nested RG open/collapse or drill buttons


i have a 6 Level nested RG. Now I want to have a collapse/uncollapse or drill down feature. Like in any normal list or so.

I can do:

  1. On an item/row level drill down/up - all works nicely - so levels are managed per row. disadvantage - there is now quick grouping/drill for all…
  2. Have a page wide drill for levels 1,2,3,4… which is fast, but then I can not just open one drill path.

Its 100% same like in XLS - where you can have grouping for rows and have the overall group control on the top left. How can I Gert both at the same time realized?



Thanks for your post! From a performance standpoint, the more elements are within a repeating group cell, the longer it can take to render the page. Nested repeating groups have a multiplicative event on the number of elements, so a total of 6 nested repeating groups could have quite the performance impact. You can find more details about performance and scaling here to structure and display your data the most optimally.