Nested RG values


I really need some help with this!
I have been looking at a lot of forum posts but can’t figure it out.

What i need for my aplication =

So the first value in the list is a database value and after that it just needs to calculate automatically trough the whole list.
For every row(item) it has the easy calculation Start + distance = end
And then the end value needs to be shown on the next item’s start value.
After that the process starts all over again for the other items(rows)’

I would appreciate any help as i am totally stuck on this for days.
I tried custom states but i am not so familiar with this on a nested repeating group.
Does not seem to be possible.

Editor:(type “page rit” at the top left for the right page)

Thanks in advance.

I am more than happy to pay someone a certain amount to set this up for me.

You need doubly linked list DB and Schedule API

I made a similar thing using your example
See example:

Thanks a lot for you’re answer.
I don’t have any experience with doubly linked list database structure.
I have tried to look into it but can’t find anything associated with bubble.(A video tutorial or anything)
Can you maybe point me a little in the right direction.
I have no coding experience. Thats why i use bubble :slight_smile:

Thanks again for you’re answer.

I have found a way to refer to the next index item in the repeating group.
I did this with a hidden index item:

I figured there might be an easier way but the values are still not correct beceause it refers to the database values and it actually needs to calculate according to the start number just like you have in you’re example.

Canyou maybe share the editor page so that things might get more clear to me?

It is not a coding , just how you should structure your DB


Schedule API need to iterate until the last item but in my editor it’s unable because “free plan”

Okey. Thanks for you’re time.
I will give it a go and hope i can figure it out with you’re example.

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