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I’m trying to make the repeating group from the Netflix Clone to display categories such as Comedy, Action, etc… I followed the directions and made a repeating group and typed in Comedy instead of Popular. Made my image assigned it to my database but when I preview the page categories and thumbnail won’t show up.

Could anyone help me, please?

Have you uploaded images to your data? Are you using the image element?

That’s what I forgot to do was upload the image to the database. Thank you for the help Johnny I appreciate that and so does my keyboard.

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No problem!

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Hey Johnny,

I have another question for you. I’m trying to create a repeating group popup or something that can display, click, and charge a user from a repeating group already created. For example, someone wants to click a tv show from the cover image and see all the episodes with episode numbers, names, and descriptions of the episodes.

I’m not having too much success right now.

Hey @defiantrootsent,

Apologies for the delayed response. You will need to create a new field in your movie where there’s a list of episodes. When doing this, it also means that you’ll need a new data type called, “Episodes” or something similar then have a field with the movie it’s associated with.

Does this make sense? If not, let me know how I can clarify.

No worries about the delayed reply. I’m grateful you’re taking the time to help me with my problems. It’s been a roadblock for me at the moment.

Here’s what’s in my data type underneath I will bold text and bullet point the information you’ve given me to make sure I understand. So you say, create a new field in my content section, name it a movie or TV series, and in the field type select list of text? Then create a whole new data type named “Episodes” and create a new field in the Episode content Field name let’s say Rusty dog, what would the field type be a list of text, etc. And what would the next steps be? You can explain to me as a brand new baby newbie.

My data has user and content currently

user has email and standard fields that come in it.

My Content has

Category list of text
Content Rating text
Description text
Duration number
file file
movie yes/no
production studio text
release year number
thumbnail image
title text
tv shows yes/no

  • TV Series /Field type ???

then create a new data type.

  • Episodes / Field type ???
    Rusty Dog/ Field type ???

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