Netsuite intergration

Hey everyone,

Looking to see if anyone has any knowledge with connecting into netsuite. Im currently using Oauth1 with post man to test all of my calls.

Netsuite has released the use of REST at the beginning of the year so that may help with having someone want to build a connector…

Also interested if something comes up.

I’ve got a plugin that works, im a tad busy here but when I get a chance I’ll let yall know and show you what it can do. It uses the oauth1 token setup from netsuite, so if you have all that figured out and if it works in postman then it should work for you.

Hey @twilson9034, any chance you can share your plugin?

Hey @floucks , I havent messed with this in a little bit. let me mess around with it a bit and remember how I had it setup. I have another app that I used along side the plugin for testing. The test app could be copied and placed in inside your app under an API settings tab or something.

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@travis.wilson if you have the time, I’d appreciate it! If not, no worries sir! Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Hey @travis.wilson !
Did you use at any time the API Connector plugin by Bubble ? Since there is no OAuth1.0 proposed I don’t know if its a solution.
Thanks :slight_smile: