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New API Workflow triggers for creation/modification/deletion events

I would like the ability to define certain workflows to run on the creation/modification, and deletion of objects. This could appear in the API workflow editor or in the potential up-and-coming server code feature.

Back when Parse was available, there was the ability to write server code (what they called “cloud code”) that would run on an object to perform pre or post-processing. They had the following triggers: “before save”, “after save”, “before delete”, and “after delete.” The example they used was for the automatic updating of the average movie review rating when a review is created or deleted. In this case, when a user deletes their review, the “after delete” function was triggered to calculate the new average review rating.

In my case, it would provide clean tear downs when I delete the root object in a tree. For example, if I call delete on a parent, it deletes it’s children first before it deletes itself.