New behavior for "contains" vs "contains keyword(s)"

I know this is really old, but just in case someone stumbles unto this, I circumvented this by using :filtered operator along with converting the input search value and the search parameters to lowercase. I know there are fuzzy search plugins, but in my experience, these plugins have been a nightmare for me. Sometimes they work perfectly and other times I’m left scratching my beards on what I did wrong, even though it’s the exact same elements (but on different pages or in a different group or something like that).
See screenshot below.

It’s still not as fast as fuzzy search and has that 2-3 sec delay if your database is big, but it is reliable and works all the time. At least for me. Fuzzy search, no matter the plugin is high blood pressure waiting for me. Whenever I try fuzzy search and it doesn’t work, I simply resort to this until some miracle happens and fuzzy search starts working.
I just wish fuzzy search is native to Bubble though.

Yes, just bear in mind that using Advanced filters returns all of the data to client so is only really applicable for smaller lists (<1000 definitely)

I somewhat mitigate that by staggering the data sources. The first data source loads the necessary data on page load, and the second looks to the first for the searches. I haven’t tested this on large databases, so I do not know if this is even effective in the long run.

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Can this be made available in the Filter function? It appears to only exist when searching a database field within Search function. Given we HAVE to use filter functions to create database OR logic, then it also needs to be there as well.

Hey , I am trying to achieve same thing but the lowercase option is not coming up for me , why?

its frustating

:Lowercase operator is only available for texts.
Your screenshot’s expression is currently resolving to a number, so you cant lowercase it.

To transform a nunber to a text, use the :format as text operator.

Having said that, lowercasing a number doesnt make a lot of sense. What does that i put rapresent?

Hey Nico , Thankyou so much to give your feedback. But the screenshot’s expression is currently resolving to yes/no as a whole and for the individual as text.

Between I have resolved the issue using the Arbitary text for now. I am putting the value inside the Arbitary text for the same.

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Ok, I was going to suggest using arbitrary text to force the :lowercase operator to show, but seems you’ve already figured it out. :+1:t5:

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