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New Bubble Meetup created for Sydney, Australia


Given the nightmare of trying to find the solution you need in the Bubble Forum, I have created a Meetup for Sydney, Australia with the likely meetup location being Wynyard.

Not sure if anyone interested, but if so, join the group and we’ll see if we can get something started.

This will be a peer to peer problem-solving group in front of a wall hung television where specific problems are presented and discussed.



Oh awesome, i’m a big fan of bubble. Im based on Auckland, NZ, but occasionally in Sydney for work, so hopefully can attend one of these meetups when i am over there.

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Hello Jess / BBC093.

I am Canberra based and working on bubble too. Please feel to PM me so that we can exchange email / phone and stay in touch. Any others from Aus / NZ also feel free to get in touch as we are in closer timezones. We could perhaps create a group email depending on the numbers / use.



Hey there,

I’m in Adelaide but travel to Sydney occasionally too…happy to touch base through out this forum/email etc…

nice to see the Bubble AU community growing :slight_smile:


Cool. If not, possibly a dedicated ANZ thread here in the forum to keep in touch or a Slack group. Once the Meetup is live on, feel free to join. Cheers, Jess

Hi Prashant/Rogelio,

A Slack group might be ideal. At the moment I’ll see if there’s enough demand for a face to face meetup in Sydney. I’ll keep you updated. Jess

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Hi guys,

General Slack Bubble would be great. I’m in Sweden, quuuite far away from AUS/NZ but if to improve the forum, I’m up for that.

Slack group sounds like a good idea !

I’m a Slack fan, and I approve this message.

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The slack discussion has been up before. See below.

Not sure what happened there. It seems it died. IMO Slack or other chat forum could be nice to have. Forums are not very good for “talks”. @emmanuel give it another try?

I only see discord discussions in there. Is there an offical slack channel setup anywhere?

It’s there. :slight_smile:

the channel is/was “”. It’s not official.

I just set up a new domain. I’ll hang out there if someone wants to talk bubble. Slack works by invitation, either direct or by email of certain domain. Pls send a quick PM to me with your email address and I’ll invite you.

@emmanuel let me know if you have comments about it.

I tried to join just now, and it wouldn’t let me :frowning: It said I didn’t have permission to join, unfortunately.

pm your email pls

We’re always happy to see community driven things. Not sure we’ll be on it as we need to limit channels, and the asynchronous aspect of the forum is good, but let us know how things go.

np. We’ll test it out.
I thought it’d be nice to have something in real time.

I think this is a great idea, and would like to be involved. I am new to bubble and trying to get a couple projects off the ground. Ive tried to get into the and chat without any luck, its saying I need to sign in, but there’s no where to become a member!

I apologize for hi-jacking this thread. Wasn’t my intention.

I moved it here: