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New Bubble Meetup Group started for Paris, France

Just announced our first Meetup of 2019, featuring @nicolas_dap!

Hey all, just announced our next meetup in Paris :slight_smile:

Last time was for advanced bubblers, so this time we are doing one for the newcomers :wink:

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Hey Parisian bubblers :wave:

We’re trying something new for the next meetup: pair programming!


Hey all, just announced our next meetup in Paris :slight_smile:

It’s almost August, and if for some it means taking a break and going to the beach, for others, it’s THE perfect month to launch (or make significant progress with) their Bubble projects :slight_smile:

We meet on Wednesday, July 31 at Maker (yes, chose it because of the name, and because the pizzas are good too) to discuss all this.

The goal of this edition is to meet and get to know other bubblers, but if you want to bring your laptops to show off your apps, feel free, obviously :slight_smile:


I unfortunately won’t be in Paris this day, but I’ll be around in September / October. let’s try to do something then :slight_smile:

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Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Hello, Bubblers ! :vulcan_salute:

SendinBlue, la solution d’emailing française :fr::baguette_bread:qui s’intègre en 1 clic à vos apps Bubble :muscle:nous accueille à son HQ rue d’Amsterdam (Paris 8ème) pour un meetup exceptionnel !

Au programme :

  • SendinBlue x Bubble, par Alexis Kovalenko de >Contournement> :man_technologist:
  • Q&A avec Emmanuel Straschnov, co-fondateur de Bubble :fire:
  • Bubblers & bubbles :clinking_glasses::wine_glass::beer:

Plus d’info ?

Informations :

  • Prix : gratuit
  • Langue : franglais
  • Code : 0%



Next time we’ll arrange the F&B table so that it’s not in the way :sweat_smile:

See you mid-November for the next one!


Unsurprisingly that food and drinks table is much more impressive than anything I’ve seen at any US-based meetup :wine_glass: :baguette_bread: :fr:


Thank you so much for this event it was very nice and I hope to join the next meeting too so as to exchange skills between the other bubblers :wink:

See you in Paris

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That was a lot of fun! We’ll do another one next year, I’m in Paris often :slight_smile:


The next Parisian meetup is scheduled for November 13th!

With a meetup agenda that should be of interest to both novice and advanced bubblers alike: how Bubble can help you reach your Product / Market Fit faster :fire:

The Intrafounders team ( will explain its methodology to help startups launch faster, higher, stronger :rocket:

We will also challenge them to launch an MVP in less than an hour of live bubbling, on a concept determined randomly at the beginning of the meetup :raised_hands:

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Good initiative, I’d like to do the same in Dubai.
Any bubblers in the UAE? Let’s expand the no-code movement :sunglasses:

Hello everybody !

Is it possible to have the step-by-step tutorial to set-up SendInblue with Bubble, so as to launch my first email campaign with Sendinblue ? I don’t know how to do with the plugin from Zeroqode and the explanations here ✉ Sendinblue SMTP A free alternative to Sendgrid mails by

Your help would be welcome for help me with this case :slight_smile:
Send an email for a list of suscriber for an event, with the details of the event inside ?

Is it possible to join the ICS file, like in the native plugin ?

Thank you so much


Go for it! I think you just need to start a meetup for Dubai, and through the Meetup platform itself people will find you.

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Hey Charly, I don’t think you can do that with the plugin. You’d need to set your own API calls.

For the ICS file, it doesn’t look like for the moment there’s a way to get the file generated natively by Bubble (as a result of a previous step, or otherwise), unfortunately, so creating it programatically to add it as an attachment will be tricky.

Depending on your use case, this might help:

Thank you Lucien ! I thought it was easier when we met the SendInBlue team but ok I will look deeper with API connection !

For calendar it will not help me, as I want to convert simple dates (but freely created by people) into an ICS files. I have no idea how they succeed to do that natively when you want to send a meeting request by mail ? Same thing, but no mail :relaxed:

I will have a look to API closer…

Thanks :wink:

Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by campaign. It depends how many subscribers we are talking about. If it’s a short list, you can schedule an API workflow on a list, in which case you can use the smtp plugin. If we are talking about a fairly long list, then you’ll need to do a proper campaign, which can’t be achieve with the plugin (to my knowledge). Maybe you’ll have more chance getting answers to that question with a dedicated thread.

It depends, my question was to know if it exist a manual which describe step-by-step tutorial for SendInBlue with Bubble ? What are the possibility and different options !

I put it here because maybe someone was creating a file after the meetup ?!

To my knowledge no :confused:

Yes, that was a good idea. Just saying you might improve your luck by also creating a dedicated thread.

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