🛍️ [New Bubble Template] - Introducing Purity: The Ultimate E-commerce Solution for jewellery or luxurious products!

Attention Bubble developers and enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Bubble template – Purity, the ultimate online store solution for jewellery or other luxurious products! :sparkles:

Unlock the power of Purity and create a top-notch e-commerce website with ease. This comprehensive template offers a range of essential features, including:

:shopping_cart: Browse Products Catalog: Empower users to search, sort, and filter products effortlessly.

:memo: Create an Order: Enable customers to choose product variants, quantities, and more for a seamless checkout process.

:sparkling_heart: Add to Favorites: Enhance user engagement by allowing them to save favorite products for future reference.

:shopping: Create/Edit Products: Empower admins with various customizable parameters for each product.

:busts_in_silhouette: Manage Orders and Users: Get detailed insights into user and order information for smooth operations.

:bar_chart: Product Stock & Statuses: Easily manage availability for each product size, ensuring accurate stock management.

:bulb: Seamlessly designed and fully responsive, Purity is your go-to template for creating beautiful, user-friendly e-commerce websites.

Unlock the full potential of Purity template now! :rocket::globe_with_meridians:
:link: Check out Purity: Purity - E-commerce Template Template | Bubble

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:mag: Capture Every Detail: DYVO.AI allows you to cut out your jewellery products with precision, ensuring every sparkle and shine is captured flawlessly.
:rainbow: Boundless Creativity: Experiment with background options to create captivating visuals that enchant your customers.
:iphone: User-Friendly: Seamlessly use DYVO.AI to generate product images that are optimized for mobile shopping, captivating audiences on every device.

Pairing Purity’s stunning e-commerce features with DYVO.AI’s captivating product photography is the recipe for your jewellery store’s success. :dizzy:

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How does the template handle the creation of variants?

If for example I want to create a product that has 6 different flavors and 3 different sizes.


Hello! :wave:
Great question! :bulb:

Indeed, you can’t change categories and sizes directly in the user interface, but don’t worry, there’s a neat solution using Option sets in the Bubble editor. It allows you to customize and manage categories and sizes with ease.

For a more in-depth understanding, check out the helpful Bubble tutorial on option sets :rocket::movie_camera: