New Bubbler here - need help on some basic data creation

I’m practicing building a simple sign up RSVP form for users.

I created a RSVP data type to intake all the RSVP info including name, counts, and comment.

At the same time, I wanted to associate this specific inputs with the User data type. I created the RSVP field as well under the user, but wasn’t able to connect these two in the workflow behind the RSVP button.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Step 1: no issue

Step 2: having issue connecting across data type

If you want to set the RSPV on the relevant field on the User datatype, you need to make changes to the User in question.

Then, just set the field to the result of step 1 (the RSPV)

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Incredible, thank you, Adam!

For learning purpose, I’m curious why didn’t my approach work? Does the “thing” to change have to be a data type? Or did I miss specifying the filed name in my 2nd screen shot so I created a mismatch between a field = datatype (result of step 1)?

Yes… you can only change ‘Things’ (dataypes)…

So in your screenshot you’re trying to change the RSPV that you just created, and you’re trying to set the Name field which, presumably, is a text, to the value of the RSVP that you just created (which makes no sense).

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