New bug with the API Connector, which has broken our product! (multiple of the same parameters in endpoint)

Hi! I’m running into a very strange bug with sending endpoint requests, using the API Connector plugin. I have a hunch this is related to a recent update done by Bubble, since this was never an issue in the past.

I’m sending a GET request, and I’m trying to send multiple of the SAME parameter.

For example, I’m trying to send this:

The bubble logs say that it sends exactly like it does above, however it actually doesn’t!

When I check the logs on our other server, it shows the request as:[0]=X&myParam[1]=Y&myParam[2]=Z

Notice it adds [0], [1], [2] at the end, when it shouldn’t. This is of course causing a big issue, since it’s changing the actual endpoint being sent. As mentioned, this never was an issue until recently, so I’m guessing it was brought on by a recent change in Bubble’s code. I’m not sure what I can do to fix it, any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Contact Bubble support and let us know. :+1:

For anyone viewing this after the fact, this issue has been resolved! I spoke with Bubble support and they were able to make an update to fix this

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