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New comer question to figure out whether my workflow supported or not

Hi there,
I’m quite new at bubble and I need it for creating below workflow of mine. I come across to this solution while I was looking for a workflow creation solution for my wordpress based web site.

Is there any one who can reply my questions?
Thank you.

My workflow would be:
There will be customers and also my freelancer employees.

  1. Customers will buy a service from my website.A job will be created in job pool.
  2. An email will be sent to all my freelancer employees and me about it. The one who accepts the job first in freelancers will be assigned to this task and he/she will have 2 days to complete it. If he/she fails to complete the job on time, this job will go back to job pool and e new e-mail will be sent to rest of the freelancers automatically indicating that this is available again. This time, the delayed freelancer will not get job availability e-mail for this task.
  3. When the new freelancer finishes his/her work, he/she will submit the work.
  4. work will be reviewed by me or any privileged user and will get approval or review request.Approval status or review request will be informed the freelancer employee via e-mail.
  5. After one business day if he/she doesn’t submit the reviewed work, he/she will be informed via e-mail automatically and second e-mail will be send to me.
  6. article 4 will be repeated until freelancer submits reviewed work.
  7. Job status will change as completed and an email will be sent to customer automatically with the link of submitted job document.
  8. Customer might accept the job and the process finishes. Customer may ask for review then workflow will start @ step 4 once.

My questions are:

  1. Can I create such a workflow with bubble easily in couples of days?
  2. My web site is bilingual wordpress site. Does bubble support it?
    2.1. Is it possible to use data fields and custom data fields in wordpress database?
  3. My website is fully responsive. Does bubble support it?
  4. Can I embed the code I create with bubble solution in my wordperss site or should I use an external web hosting/cloud solution?
  5. Any comment or limitation you can add?

Thank you.

That looks very doable. Some parts with scheduled workflows may be a little trickier, but possible. Sometime you may have to find some workarounds (and ask on the forum for help, but that’s part of building something - whichever the technology you’re using is).

  1. Can you do this in a couple of days? Probably, once you’re really good at Bubble (and then you won’t ask the question whether it’s doable. At this stage, it’ll probably take you a bit longer, that’s part of the learning experience.

  2. We don’t support bilingual site out-of-the-box, but with conditional formatting or a localize plugin you can do it.

  3. Not sure I understand the question about wordpress database? Bubble is independent from WP.

  4. you can use an iframe in your WP site. That’s more a question for WP than Bubble.

Thank you for the answer.