New Course: iOS Mobile App Development!

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Hi @Jeff66 !
What is the better way of publishing the app via phonegap? I tried the zip way and my app stops right after the splash screen in an light blue screen without any action.
Best Roman

has anybody used the codeless academy mobile app deployment and gotten it to work? once I signed up for the course - all of the files are from 2016, which are very old.

I tried this summer and it was hopeless. Bubble Support told me that PhoneGap is anyhow depricated and should not be used any more!
Answer from Support:
" Thanks for reaching out. PhoneGap has been deprecated so we instead recommend using wrappers like GoNative, Dropsource or Cordova. For the latest solutions, you can check these forum posts. Here is a tutorial for Dropsource that one of our users posted. "

I tried Dropsource but ist was to expensive for me. All these solutions use a native WebView Container so you can try it with a xCode template by yourself. Finally I bought a template from @levon Convert Your Bubble Application Into Native iOS & Android Apps (price was then at 150 $) and I got it to the app store quite fast: ==> ‎Kigorosa - Ausflugsportal im App Store
Now I can reuse this template for further projects :slight_smile:


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this is EXTREMELY helpful. your app looks awesome, congrats!! So the template from zerocode will take a native mobile built bubble app and enable you to wrap it and push it to the stores? It’s great you can reuse the template too. I explored cobubble, but then would be dependent on them for all future deployments.

Hey @Safroman, how did you handle payments with your app on itunes? Did you use the Stripe integration? I ask because I’m wondering if my Stripe API integration will get rejected in the itunes store and I thought Bubble didn’t have proper certification to handle its own payment processing. Thanks!

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It is a simple Web View, so it is like a browser which opens only your website. All of it behind an App Icon. No Internet, no App. But all changes of your web app are deployed immediately to your users.

I do not have any payment processes in my app. Cant help you here

Hi natedogg,
I have just completed your course “Create a mobile app with Bubble”, thanks for sharing your knowledge. When i comes time to run the app on iOS it gets stuck on a light blue screen and never loads the app. To take app errors out of the equation I made a very simple app that has a grey background and 1 icon. Even this doesnt load on iOS. Here is the link

Here is an image of the error that I get when inspecting the app as it loads. IMAGE

There are 3 errors:

  1. index.html: in the code below it says can’t find variable $
  1. xtrue.js: TypeError: Undefined is not an object

  2. latest.js: TypeError: Undefined is not an object

Could you please help solve this error. Here is the link to my index.html and config.xml


Thanks for creating the course for this. I am curious if it’s ok to also use FB and Google Logins.

Hello, i am very glad about your New Course.
we are Citrusbug ( a team of dedicated developer who provide services on mobile app development. i would like to learn more about no-code tools. which can help us to give a better services to our customers.

Hi. Your site brakes up on my iPad.
I’ll buy your course, $29 is an ok price so I’ll support you. If you make a desktop application version as well at the same price I’ll buy that too. Maybe using Electron or something like that.

Hello again. I just bought your course. Please think about making the site responsive. I use an iPad and your course pages are all over the place in my browser. If you make the site responsive it will fit my tablet screen.

Hello, I bought this course about a year and a half ago. Can I still access it? Or can I now use the course license to create apps for myself using your new dashboard?

Hi @max.ufer!

You can find all of our courses by heading to the footer of the page and selecting “Legacy Courses”. We don’t currently offer support for the courses, as some of the methods have been deprecated.

Also, since you previously purchased a course from us, you qualify for a 30% discount on your first App Build using our native app builder. That discount is automatically applied! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about that.

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