New Data types Data are not Readable from App

Hi All,

I have personal paid plan bubble app. Whatever the new changes i have made in my database (Add New Datatypes and Add New Data Entries) - Im unable to retrieve them from the App using either Group Or Repeating Group (Results 0) and dont display anything.

I tried the same RG & Groups with Old Datatypes and Data. Works fine and result displays fine.

Only New tables or Modified tables (Today) are not working. Please help. Thank you.


@ae.sathis Make sure you are looking at the correct version’s database (test vs live) and that there are no privacy roles on the new data types that could prevent it from displaying.

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@neerja Thanks for the assistance and it worked. There was a privacy role enabled which caused the issue. Once i removed it - Im able to read the data now. Appreciate your time and help :slight_smile: