New day, new page, same input fields

Creating a daily journal, with the same input fields each day (form style)


  • Each day will be a page (input & display)
    • When logging in: today is a new page (url is defined with date)
  • Replicate the same page, every day
  • User will have ability to toggle to another day’s page in the future (to enter data in advance) or historically to see previous days entries


  • I am a bit confused how to create a new page for each new day (seems impossible to create all future pages in advance). Any ideas how to set pages for days in the future?
  • Is there an ability for user to click a date button, then it creates a new page from a template for that date (everything on the page in a group as a ‘reusable element’ and loads that into a page)? Basically, user created page or would I have to define all the future pages?

Thank you so much for any help getting pointed in the right direction. It is greatly appreciated.

I think the idea would be a single template page

Then data loaded/shown is based on some condition. Most likely the date would be that constraint.

I would save entries into the dB with userID/date/note at a minimum

Then based on the date displayed on date picker, display that note

If no note is available for that dated set text to “enter new note”

Thank you, @jared.gibb, your idea is probably a bit simpler to start with and really appreciate the feedback.

I will attempt to display the data in a text field constrained by the date selected in the date picker.

Using constraints (and the date picker) are fairly new to me. I’ve tried a couple different ways, however, I cannot figure out how to display the data using the date picker accurately. If I choose yesterday’s date, nothing displays but there is data created and stored from yesterday. I am wondering if the constraint needs to be a range of time of the day 00:00 to 23:59?

Any ideas how to create the constraint or where to learn more?

Thanks again!