New engine, Dynamic content and the Responsive tab?

Hi Bubblers,

Am I missing some kind of settings when using the responsive engine?

The new engine formatting seems to be all over the place when you have dynamic content inside and looks like the image below which kind of makes it unusable with the responsive tab unless Im unaware of some settings (please let me know if I have missed something).

The actual page looks like this:

Is there a way to constrain the dynamic content while in the UI builder or is this just how it is?

Thank you

Yes! The visual “noise” in the editor as a result of long expressions can be quite annoying.

Solution: I put my larger expressions inside “Arbitrary Text”. That way, all you see in the editor is “Arbitrary Text” while the app still produces the desired result.

Hope this helps!


Seriously appreciate the tip! I’ll design first with arbitrary text then once it looks good add in the dynamic visual noise :wink:

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Happy to help. Good luck!