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New Experimental Performance Enhancements

FYI: here’s another positive impact of this experiment. Here’s the page structure as measured by the Ahrefs extension.


Thanks @Vincent_London for the tip.


Very excited about this! Looks like a big improvement on my end.

The change does cause issues with our Heroicons plugin (they’re suddenly 10x as big):



I’ve experimented with turning this on and it generally looks very positive.

I’m experiencing a bug however where none of my popup elements are scrollable after this has been enabled - had to turn it off again. Any idea when that issue might be resolved @cal?

Is this no longer an experimental feature? Its not showing up in my list of experimental features.

Yes I had this problem also and I raised it with @cal and he’s aware of it.

There was a period where it was taken out I think over the weekend for a short period of time but they put it back and it should be there.

Hi @cal , looks like the pre-render already HTML renders all the hidden Headers with content rather than rendering them once they are shown/exposed. → This would dramatically impact SEO negatively. Today Bubble’s engine doesn’t do that. It only renders the H1/h2/h3 that are conditionally shown.
This means if the same page has multiple H1/H2s based on conditions, it would be a complete mess…

However like Rico mentioned kudos, the empty Headers are actually now removed. But the above is quite worry-some. :eyes::pray:

This issue is also happening on Images inside reusable elements. I have a white label app and each customer has thier own logo. I activated this feature yesterday and the responsive engine has issues resizing the image.

The logos are blown up in size and the flexblox starts vibrating like it’s having a stroke (trying to resize). Lol.

Hopefully this gets addressed soon since the speed of the app improved significantly.


It’s great that Bubble is letting us test our experimental features but i think some Bubblers need to understand the point of experimental features. They’re work in progress.

It’ll be great if Bubblers experiencing issues with experimental issues also use the “Give Feedback” feature so the dev team can work on improving them :slight_smile:

Much love to the Bubble team! You’ve single handedly open many new doors for those of us who were on the fence about delving into app development!


Ideally something team Bubble implements but if you can find a way I’d love to know :slight_smile:

Dang… Just enabled for my app… and boy these first page loads are a doozy.

Folks, I’ve been here since 2017. First page loads have always been the crux of Bubble performance issues and have always been the first thing clients notice when I demo their website built on Bubble.

I’ve rarely had performance issues once the page is loaded and subsequent page loads… Heck, I remember complaining about 5-7 second page loads back in 2017… Then CloudFlare was introduced and it helped a bit to about 4-6 seconds… Then the string of caching updates that Josh pushed… things got better for subsequent page loads… But was still a bit bad.

Hoping future performance enhancements focus on the one performance feature most people have been discussing for years… first page load. Is this a good first step toward these future enhancements? Sure. In the meantime, I’m gonna have to turn this off for my sanity (certainly everyone who is actively developing and using their test version are feeling the wicked slow first page loads due to the CSS compiling?)

Edit: Hate to be the Debbie Downer here. I’ll add my usual disclaimer - I do love Bubble and hope the Bubble team stays motivated on these modifications. Nothing here is a deal breaker - And won’t stop me from continuing to make good money w/ this platform!


What performance gains are people seeing in following page loads.