[New Extension] Bulk import from CSV file for Option Set

Please, check the PM for the link to the extension

Hi @arturio , could I also have the link?


Hi @arturio
This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for building the extention! May I have the link please.

@fakossa @mayank.m84 please check PM.

Thank you for what you are doing @arturio
I am interested by this plugin, could you send me the link please?

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This is super helpful. Attributes would be amazing if your able to do this !!!

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Hi @arturio, can you please send me the link too?

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I sent you a DM @arturio

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Hi Arturio, I’m interested as well if it’s still available.

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Please, check a DM

Can I get a link Still?

Sure, please check DM

I hope one day I will add payment button to the extension and nobody need to ask me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You could list it on Gumroad or something? Or a really simple Bubble app / WooCommerce site?

I want to add paid feature (import attributes) in my free extension.
But I don’t have enough knowledges to implement it yet.

The problem with Gumroad, Stripe and many other tools and payment providers - they can not be used in Ukraine.

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Hi! I just signed up to contribute for the attribute link! Can you message it to me? Thank you so much for creating this!

check DM, please :ok_hand:

Hey can I get access to this please!

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Hi @arturio ! Can I get access please ?

hey @arturio

We operate our bubble instance on a dedicated server. Your extension only works for the standard base bubble URL, where as ours differs. I’ve tried to figure out how to go about whitelisting our dedicated cluster’s base URL, but im not sure I have the option.

Any suggestions?