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[New Extension] Bulk import from CSV file for Option Set


It is not possible to use current extension for a dedicated server. It should be separate extension which is adapted to your specific URL or I need to add an ability to set custom URL for the existing one, but in any case it will be paid solution. We can discuss it in DM if you are interested.

Hi, thank you for developing this useful plugin.

I tried to use the plugin to import data described in Japanese, but it didn’t go well.
(Both ordinary csv and UTF-8 csv didn’t go well)

In detail,
when uploading UTF-8 csv file, only 9 data of 1,900 data were successfully imported by this plugin.
And when uploading ordinary csv file, all data were successfully imported even though all the characters were garbled.

I would really appreciate if you could tell us how to solve this problem.


Oh wow that’s awesome. I want that!

Could you send me the example of file and data which you try to import? I will try to check.

Thank you for your kind reply.

The excel files are attached in the links below.
All the Japanese city and town lists are stored.

【ordinary csv】

【UTF-8 csv】


Hi @arturio can I also get access to the extension please?

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Hey @arturio - great extension!

I’ve used it before no problem, but today the ‘Upload csv file’ button isn’t clickable.

Any idea what’s going on?