[New Extension] Bulk import from CSV file for Option Set

Hi @arturio

I understand that you have been on sick leave due to illness.
I hope you are in good health…!!

And I understand that the work will be completed by next week, and the Japanese version can be supported with the paid extension.

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but thank you for your cooperation.


I sent new version of the extension to Google Support. I will notify you as soon as they will approve it.

Hi, @arturio

Thank you for your quick response!!

I got it!!


It is approved now. You can try.

Hey Arturio,
The option set loader is no longer working for me. I used it a week ago with no issues, and now my CSVs are getting all jumbled when I upload them, and the loader seems different.
Any advice?

Hi @molly,

could you please send me in PM the file you tried to upload?

How do I use this extension? I’ve installed it and now what? The extension is not even clickable.

hi @darren.james7518
First, you need to open the Option Set tab. Then you need to click on “Bubble Option Sets Helper” in the bottom. And you should see the modal window on the right side

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Thank you.


is there still an app to bulk upload option sets with attributes?

Yes, it is. But it is paid - $13 for now. You can find it following the link Extras | Ukraine Supporters - Buymeacoffee

Man, @arturio - great work! Just came here to say this. This is so helpful! Just dropped a few coins in your hat for coffee and encourage everyone else to do the same. Thanks, man! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Benjamin, I am very happy with such feedback!

Hi Arturio! The “Bubble Option Sets Helper” doesn’t show up for me at the bottom of my screen. Is there something else I need to do first? Thanks!

Hi @Keemarley
Sorry for the late response. You don’t need to do anything, just enable the plugin in google chrome. I don’t event know what can be the reason of such issue.
If this problem is still actual for you, than we can have a short call and try to resolve it together.

Slava Ukraini!

This sounds extremely useful but I dont get it to work. What is the layout of the csv? Does it have to have headers or how does the mapping work? Can I use “;” as seperator? Do I need a specific encoding?

Can you post an example csv? I just need text input for the options

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Hey man,

Thanks for this, it’s very cool!

I’ve purchased the pro version but I’m getting a weird error - when I upload the CSV, it’s creating separate options for every attribute. So if I upload a CSV with three options in three columns - say, Country, Colour, and population - it creates 9 options, three of which have the country as the Display with blank attributes, three of which are blank except for the colour, and three of which are blank except for the population.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, hopefully you can point me in the right direction!

Have the same issue. Do you get an answer or found a solution for this issue?

Hi @bernhard1 , @alfonzosieveking , @ch-schroeder

The issue still exists unfortunately. I have some ideas how to fix but I can’t predict how much it will take. I hope I will fix it during January.
Please, write me in DM in case if you need refund.

Hi again @bernhard1 @alfonzosieveking @ch-schroeder
The Pro extension is fixed. You can try new version 1.1.2

You can find the csv file example here - test_import.csv - Google Drive