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[New Feature] Ability to create "tag like" list with Repeating Groups

Amazing! Time to get rid of all sorts of workarounds with custom css and html to get this effect working.

Have you tried to set the center alignment on the parent container?

Wooohooo! New possibilities! Waiting for a long time for this too!

Yes, i did the “Pinterest” grid with Javascript, so i think Bubble can adapt his RG with a bit of JS to turn this natively possible.

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Hey :blush:, have you found a solution for this?

Confirmed with the team that this would not be a big lift. Will keep this thread updated when its been added to a sprint!



Here is an example! Just in case your too lazy to recreate this…


thank you!!! loving this


Two minutes, tags done and dusted. Very nice - thank you @nickc ! Very much hoping for the ability to allow native repeating group heights fit to content within columns as suggested by @justin.hume

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That is coming soon as well :slight_smile:


cool, is this only available on the new responsive engine?

any news on this? I am thinking about implementing it by myself the next days, but if its coming in the next days, I would just wait for it :slight_smile:

hey! It is being worked on at the moment, so tentatively end of next week!


it says authorization required…

thanks so much! how to make these tag clickable and save to the database, for a social post?

Might want to make a separate post or search a similar question since that’s more of a workflow question

Has anyone figured this out? I’ve tried everything I know - tags are always left aligned, no matter what I do…

Try this CSS in the Page HTML Header:

#repeatinggroup { display: flex !important; flex-wrap: wrap !important; justify-content: center !important; }

and don’t forget to expose id attributes and assign the id to the repeating group (in this case “repeatinggroup”

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