[New Feature] Ability to read parameters in the URL for API workflow endpoints

So, this feature is awesome. BUT, since it is now possible to create API Workflows that have no need for a BODY component, shouldn’t such API Workflows be allowed to be triggered by GET as well as POST methods?

Here is a real-world use case that drove me to drink today:

There’s no workaround for this. We need the ability to have workflow (/wf) endpoints be triggered by either method as there are some standards (like oEmbed) that require one method or the other.

That Bubble throws:

{"statusCode":405,"body":{"status":"ERROR","message":"Wrong method. Should be a post"},"args":{"bubble_code":"1537917189069x708313714247196900"}}

… if you hit such an endpoint with GET rather than POST is completely arbitrary and pointless in the context of what I’m describing above.

Can that just be removed, please? pretty please?