[New Feature] Auto-binding inputs

Awesome, thanks! )

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its not working for me.

I have setup the following rule:

Then I have a list of users’ email addresses (in a RG) and on clicking an email address, a popup opens and the current cell’s user data is sent to the popup.

I have input fields like First Name, Phone etc.

When the logged in user (which has Admin=yes (and verfified that it works with another workflow) changes a value, i get a msg saying i dont have permission to make changes.

The page content is User
This is the popup element:

The input field:

Not sure what is going wrong?

A bug report has been filled, we’ll look into it in the coming days and let’s see if that fixes it.

Just pushed a fix, let us know if you still have issues.


This is my way to finally understand what was Binding :slight_smile:
Hope that help anyone. Included my personal notes.


small ‘bug’ for Search Input (before and after): (I mean ‘bug’ because i’m not sure if it is one)

After Pressing ‘Define list of options’, something appear and disappear, and Binding option appear.

is it possible to add “select all” button for fields that are enabled for auto binding in the privacy settings? Please see the screenshot why it is required.

That’s a bit dangerous, so i’ll think about it. Now if I may, having that many fields shows that maybe you could optimize your data structure a little bit.

it’s a candidate’s application form that allows entering many past employers and job positions. We could break those to different tables and relate the data between them, but we thought it would make the structure more complicated.

also, seems there is a bug when choosing a content format of “email” or “phone”. it says not a possible option. Simply with “text” it works.

If you think it’s a bug please file a bug report, as usual.

I am trying to bind the ‘email’ (also the user’s login email address) field in the ‘Users’ table to an input element on the form.

However ‘email’ is not showing in the list of available fields/options. It’s also not present in the privacy settings.

Any ideas?

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Its normal, because an email is sensitive, so requires entering the password to modify it. Use the update credentials action for this.


Thanks Emmanuel - I understand now :slight_smile:

One question about the user interaction of these binding forms…

As the input elements when changed are updated straightaway in the db and saved, do you think users will panic that they don’t have to click a button saying ‘Save’ and wonder if the data entered is saved or not?

Or is there a way of committing the binding by using a button or showing an alert element (better imo) once the data has been saved?


It’s a pretty common design so I don’t think users will be surprised. And we show a progress bar at the top.

If you want to use a button, you can, just don’t use the new feature.

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…is there a way of showing an alert element saying ‘Saved’ upon the commit to the db?

Also which inputs are available on binding? I’m trying to also link up a yes/no field and a select box.

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Hi, I’m having success with Auto-binding on every input form that I’ve tried except for the slider input. I think this could potentially be a bug. Right now, I’m just using a workflow of saving as that input is changed; however, I think it’s your intention to offer this through auto-bind so I wanted to flag. If the correction is made to allow slider inputs to auto-bind, please let me know so I can update my “code” =).

Can you reproduce the situation in an open app (or file a bug report)?

In order for @levon to normalize or optimize his data, could he use fields that are lists? I am trying to avoid a huge table while I plan my db. It’s possible I may not be understanding “list” fields. Are they basically a stored array?

feedback : I often can’t use auto-biding instead of a workflow because I need to display a “Saved” alert to notice the user its modification has well been saved.
Idea : Let use choose an alert from the page, shown when the saving is succesful.


Why don’t you monitor the modified date, and if it changes then you know the data has been saved. Trigger an alert of that.