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[New Feature] Auto-binding inputs

I suspect you’d simply want to run a workflow to create a blank thing for that user when, say, someone selects a particular input field (and have a condition to run only if there’s no thing for that user already).

Hey guys, I have a question: is there a way to use this feature without an initial content? Such as a “real-time” input, like we see in Miro, Coggle, or Trello? I mean, after the user types something on the input it automatically saves in the database?

Yeah, if the data you’re referring has an empty text input it’ll be empty, and when you type something with autobinding on it’ll populate. Don’t know if that makes sense

Yeah, I have tested the workflow that allows you to create a new thing when you type anything on the input. And it works fine, but how about editing? With only this workflow, when you edit the input it creates a new thing. If I create a new workflow to change the same thing on the database, when you change something on the input it also creates a new thing on the database table and that’s not what I want, right? Any thoughts? Appreciate that.

Apologies if I’ve missed key information somewhere (newbie here!), but is it possible to use Auto-binding with Slugs (i.e. update a Slug based on an updated, “auto-binded”, field? As the Slug field isn’t exposed in “Field to modify”, I suspect this isn’t possible (and a workflow must be created instead).

Thank you!

Does anybody know how to trigger a workflow when an auto-binding value has changed? THANKS!!


Here is the anwer, @daviddr17 :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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This auto-binding feature consuming less resources or is same that workflows? i need to save a json often and i want to create an autosave like bubble feature when a user change a thing in his app

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