[New feature] [Beta] Algolia search integration!

@aless I’m having trouble with my live data. The “Refresh live index” button is greyed out, and I can’t figure out how to get my data to work on my live site. Seems to work great on my dev site. Thanks for the help!

Side note: I too would LOVE to have private data in V2.0

  • Greg

Hi Anwar - this is because you’re on the legacy version of Professional.

@greg7 - would you mind filing a bug report so we get your app ID? Any additional context around which data type(s) you’re indexing would help too.

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Did you figure this out? The ‘refresh live index’ button is greyed out for me too and I can’t figure out how to index my live data.

Hey @aless,

I am trying to implement this for a store and implemented the search on the items. But I am unable to figure out how to implement the these 2 things:

  1. Search the items after filtering the store
  2. In Algolia, we have a pagination field which limits the 1st set of results, how do I move to next page?

I am using Bubble’s native Algolia Plugin.

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Sorry was out of town, just submitted the bug report.

hey @allenyang @romanmg ,

Can you guys help me with this? How do I get this done?

Is this integration only about quickly searching data that was necessarily previously stored in Bubble, or does this integration also make it seamless to use Algolia in cases where the data indexed in Algolia is not already stored in Bubble?

In either case, say a user has run a search query that feeds an algolia search results list into a repeating group and is now just reviewing the results. If a new record is added to Algolia that matches the user’s prior search query, then does the repeating group she is looking at automagically display the new record (like how vanilla bubble does when a new record has been added to a table)?

@allenyang does Algolia work under Agency Plan?

Yes, it should

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why some of the fields from bubble.io app are synced into Algolia indices in XXXXX__LOOKUP__XXXXX format? In this case I have a table named Samples where field “Stylist” (“stylist_list_user” on Algolia’s end) is a list of Users.

These fields are successfully decoded on Bubble.io end but, for example, not on demo search:

I shared the following issue that I am facing when attempting to use an Algolia data source in a backend workflow. I have an Algolia account and can use Algolia data sources in page workflows without issue. I have a specific use case that requires a wide search in a backend workflow, such as that provided by Algolia. Any insight would be much appreciated.


Just upgraded and got this search function set up - I was wondering if there’s any possibility to sort by location with this at the time being? - or if it’s possible to apply a sort after the data has been pulled from Algolia?

We’re trying to filter search records that are in close proximity to a specified location - a bit similar to what the Bubble SearchBox can do when sorting by distance to geographic location

The feature only indexes text and numbers currently, not locations unfortunately.

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@allenyang is it possible to get recent searches with this plugin ? if no, any chance it will be implemented ? (https://www.algolia.com/doc/guides/solutions/gallery/recent-searches/)

Not with the current version of the feature; feature request noted but not something we’d tackle in the short-term at least.

(This feels like something that could be accomplished with API calls?)

@minh.iae did you solve this? Stuck at this problem to. Whatever i search for, the same results show up in my search results focus group repating group…

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I ended up coding the whole script using Algolia Instantsearch.js because I needed some advanced features. I can’t access anymore Algolia “native” integration with Bubble because it’s only for professional plan :pensive:

@minh.iae ah ok, thank you for your quick response!
@allenyang is this perhaps something you can help with?

Thanks again!

@allenyang and @minh.iae I figured it out through trial and error! I had left the “query” field empty, it should (of course) be referencing the search input element. Hope this help someone new to this later on :slight_smile:

Hi @allenyang , can we actually send filtering parameters to the search such as facet filters?

How can we, for example, only get from Algolia items whose field X has a certain value (and it’s already a filter in Algolia)?


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