[New feature] Cloudflare for all

Peter, in Godaddy what would be the option for “ALIAS/ANAME”?

I have already a CNAME www that Points to: @
The value for @ is

Thank you

If I understand what you’re asking, you might have missed the following in the initial post…

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Thanks @sudsy

My bubble app is currently set to a custom domain and cloud flare. Should I switch off my current cloud flare set up that i previously set up manually and then set up again via the tick box?
The current set up is giving me errors:

@mradcock : your situation is a bit trickier than most. Once everything is running correct for self-serve, we will need to look at customers with existing Cloudflare accounts like yourself and figure out how to make your transition as painless as possible.

The UI is fixed. The correct domain records should show up if you’re not configured on Cloudflare yet, so when you check the box (or if you have already) you now have instructions on what to change your records to.


Cloudflare takes a small amount of time to validate a domain, on the order of minutes
Your DNS provider might not change your records instantly; mine takes up to 12 hours. So errors might not start showing up right away.

If you’re not sure if your records have been broadcast across the internet yet, use the Google online DIG tool to check to see if your CNAME is up-to-date.

You’re looking for the line that says “CNAME app.bubble.io

id 42732
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
www.mytestwebsite123.com. IN CNAME
www.mytestwebsite123.com. 299 IN CNAME app.bubble.io.

If you’re using an ALIAS record, you’ll see an A record, as follows:

mytestwebsite123.com. 299 IN A
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Hi Peterj,

I’ve noticed some apps loading under a second? Is this because of Cloudflare?


I hope so. :slight_smile:

I’m watching people configure their domains in realtime and it’s pretty gratifying.


It’s damn fast Ican tell you :smiley:


I’ve been holding off, but might take the plunge very soon if the speed difference is that pronounced.

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Hi Eve,

I have several apps on custom domains. For some apps the CloudFlare option checkbox is showing, for other it is not.

Any reason for this? Are you rolling this out little by little? :slight_smile:

Edit: now it’s showing for all of them :raised_hands:


I think it’d be great to have tutorials/documentation based on the most popular registrars, i.e. I am on GoDaddy so we could have a guide to how to switch from GoDaddy to CloudFlare DNS and others for other popular registrars. I think a video instead of written text would be super helpful so that we know exactly where to enter the right information!


I know we probably don’t want to all pile on this thread with, “Wow, this is fast!” comments. But since there haven’t been too many…

Wow, it’s very very fast.

Perceptually, I’ve cut most load times from my Bubble SPA by probably 65%.


So I have my app.example.com domain already pointing to my Bubble app.

Can someone please confirm that if I set up my CNAME to point to app.bubble.io, rather than setting my ANAME to this, then it should work okay?

(My domain provider doesn’t support ANAME redirection…)


Hi Peter,

I just want to make sure I setup my Google Domains correctly. Is there anything other than CNAME that needs to be entered?

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Similar result here with the first app I switched to CloudFlare. Not sure how consistent Pingdom’s tests are, but load time is cut by more than 50%

:clap: @peterj & team


Now I can start promoting Bubble in Europe :smiley:


I got stuck with a 403 on Cloudflare so have reverted to non-Cloudflare and am just waiting for the DNS to propogate. Fingers crossed!

I think including the ANAME/ALIAS Record as per @peterj’s post above is a requirement. I’m on GoDaddy and they don’t allow ANAME/ALIAS Records so I think the choice you have is to switch to a www domain from bare if you’re not on www and lose your SEO history, or switch to a registrar that supports ANAME like Cloudflare DNS. If the only requirement was to enter the CNAME Record I could be on GoDaddy and get away with it. If Google Domains supports ANAME/ALIAS you probably have to add that as well.

I’m waiting on others’ feedback, especially those on GoDaddy, on the best way to make a switch if necessary.

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Hey folks,

@peterj is currently in the midsts of meetings that will keep him occupied for a large portion of the day; he’ll get back to you with details ASAP. In the meantime, if something is not working as you would expect it to, please feel free to email us (support@bubble.io); I am happy to keep track of things and let him know what needs to be addressed.

We’re all very excited about this feature, and are super happy to hear that you’re already experiencing improvements in app speed! Onwards and upwards. :slight_smile: