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[New Feature] Custom error handlers for elements

How do we pass the generic Alert variable into the account handler please? I can specify specific error codes, but some pages have several error code use cases. Thanks.

Is it possible to have the workflow error checker run before the signup? I have a signup set up that shows an alert that ‘The acount is being set up’ because it takes quite some time but it starts loading only to show the password error after a while.

I cannot set an event condition that says ‘when sign up is clicked’, only when this workflow has no error.

Hey All,

Any news on when we’ll be able to handle ‘Success Messages’?


Hello Emmanuel,

When will this be possible to suppress successful messages like we can do with error messages?

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@josh, I am in the same boat as @Timmy -Specifically, I would really like to suppress / catch the UPDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS code… as far as I can tell, there is no toggle to suppress these as mentioned earlier in the thread.

Same here - would like to hide these default popups. Tried clearing the text on them too but that didn’t work. Anyone know how to hide these?

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As a hack, we can run the following javascript code (on page load) to redirect alerts to the browser console (source).

window.alert = function ( text ) { console.log( 'tried to alert: ' + text ); return true; }

Sadly, this is a catchall and I am not aware how to reenable alerts after disabling them :blush: