[New Feature] Dedicated - Ability to copy an app to the main cluster for testing purposes


This update is specifically for our dedicated customers. As you control when you update your cluster’s code, it can be useful to test your app on the latest code before upgrading. We’ve added this ability though the dedicated version popup.


Once an app is copied on the main cluster, it will have access to a special plan that includes paid plugins as well, so that you can test your app similarly to how it works on your dedicated box. Note that this app on main, as it for testing only, will be password protected and you can modify the default password (username/password) in the settings tab.

Once you’ve copied the app once, the app will remain attached to your app on dedicated, and you can click the button again to update the app before upgrading again.


Do dedicated plans include access to paid plugins?

I would guess it includes access to the plugins you’ve paid for.

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That’s correct. You subscribe as you would on main.

What this feature offers is the ability to test your app without resubscribing to plugins on main.

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Awesome! Great work. This will be really useful!

Is it possible to remove the password protection? As we need to run a verification step by a third party which fails due to the password protection.

Also is there any chance we could get an API so that this can be automated?