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[New Feature] Excel-like table

Unfortunately no

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I love this plugin. Is there any way to display the fields that use another table as data type? This would be extremely useful.

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This plugin displays only first 50 rows. There is some limits?
Thank you so much

Anyone know why I may be receiving this error?

The plugin Editable Data Table like Excel / element Grid threw the following error: anonymous
[email protected] (please report this to the plugin author)

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+1 vote for movable columns! @emmanuel :pray:

+1 :pray: I need to publish data into table on screen ; it’s a shame there isn’t such a simple functional array extension in bubble.

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Hello, for this kind of table, is there a way of using the table data as a whole to put to use in another input?

Hello, today Aug 04, this Plugin doesn’t work. The table is blank.

Please suggest me a solution

This image was taken from:

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This is strange as your data set up looks correct. It might have to do with the 314 issues you currently have, including a number relevant to the page in question.

I think this the plugin is conflict with new bubble version.

My other private apps got the same problems!

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It works fine now. (I think bubble have fixed it).

I have 2 request:

  1. User can Hide and edit 1st row (title row).
  2. User can insert some element like Button,… to excel table. (Same function of Repeating group)

Hi, we pushed a fix for this a couple days ago, thank you for flagging!

I think this is a great plugin. I didn’t know about this for long, and have been building tables by myself using repeating group, and which naturally were very ugly and had limited functionality.

However, to use this plugin well it would be great to have following functionality too if possible:

  • Ability to define content of each column. Right now it just takes fields from “thing” and shows. Sometimes we want to access a thing’s field’s field. It is not possible here.
  • It doesn’t seem to show lists and the fields which are things in themselves. Would be great to have support for those.

Of course other features mentioned earlier regarding reordering and resizing columns are essential too.

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Agree, there needs to be more development on this feature!

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My table is rounding decimals to integers. Is there way to show decimals? Otherwise it is useless as giving wrong information to the user who want to check list of prices.

is it possible to custom format columns?

Yes by making tables in excel you can make quick formatting in your excel data and optimization get very easy. For easy handling of data in excel table it’s important to have knowledge about how to expand Excel table automatically as per the data set.

If you don’t know how it is to be done please check out this post:
How To Make Excel Table Automatically Expand